Duets are a tricky thing for singers, they require a lot of confidence on both sides, and also a lot of trust. Each performer wants to be at their best, but they don’t want to step on each other’s toes.

Maybe that’s why you don’t hear them that often these days; everyone wants to come off like George Jones and Tammy Wynette, but wind up sounding like a couple of wrestlers trying to pin each other to the mat with their vocal chords.

Veterans of Gordie Sampson’s Songcamp, Molly Thomason and Carleton Stone were friends long before they teamed up for Never Felt a Thing, and their voices dance around each other as they grow steadily closer, describing the rush of an instant infatuation with a love-is-a-drug metaphor borrowed from Roxy Music.

It doesn’t hurt having Joel Plaskett on board as producer either. It almost plays like a song he’d do with the Emergency, but with some of the edges sanded down for a smooth pop concoction buoyed by a pair of personable and appealing performances.

by Stephen Cooke, The Chronicle Herald